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Lake Joondalup Baptist College celebrated 20 years of taking part in Water Corporation’s Waterwise Schools Program at a special assembly today.


Over the past two decades, teachers at the school have been educating students on the need to value, protect and conserve water resources.


Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community Group Karen Willis thanked the school for supporting the waterwise message.


“Climate change continues to impact our water supplies, so it’s important the next generation is aware of how precious water is to ensure we have a sustainable water future,” Mrs Willis said.


“Thank you to past and present students and teachers at Lake Joondalup Baptist College for your dedication to the program.”


Lake Joondalup Baptist College Principal Daryl Pollard said the College was proud to continue to support the program and educate students about water.


“Responsible use of all natural resources is an important message we continue to deliver to our students at Lake Joondalup Baptist College,” Mr Pollard said.


“For this to be authentic, our students need to see firsthand, responsible practises including conservation of our water resources.”


More information about the Waterwise Schools Program is available from the Water Corporation’s website at


Did you know?

  • There are 580 Waterwise Schools across Western Australia.
  • Now in its 24th year, the Waterwise Schools Program takes a long-term approach to water education and behavioural change, and complements the curriculum across all major learning areas.