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Water Minister Dave Kelly today recognised World Water Day by helping to educate and inspire young people about the importance of maintaining a secure, sustainable water supply in the face of climate change.

The Minister attended an engaging lesson with Year 4 students at East Beechboro Primary School - one of the Water Corporation's waterwise schools.

As part of the lesson, students built an 'edible aquifer' to discover the importance of groundwater, which makes up 70 per cent of all water used in Perth. This includes irrigating our school ovals, green spaces and our gardens, and water to grow our food.

Students also learned about the importance of protecting our groundwater supplies, and looked at ways to prevent contaminants entering the groundwater system.

World Water Day is recognised each year on March 22. This year's theme is 'Leaving no one behind', advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources for all by 2030.

The State Government is constantly planning ahead to secure water supplies in response to the impact of climate change.

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Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:

"World Water Day is a good reminder for all Western Australians to play their part in sustainable water use.

"Climate change is one of the biggest challenges being faced in the south-west of Western Australia.

"With winter rainfall projected to decrease by up to 15 per cent by 2030 due to climate change, we need everyone in our community to adapt their water usage to accommodate for drying conditions.

"I was delighted to visit East Beechboro Primary School on World Water Day to help spread the important waterwise message to our future generation of water users."

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