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  • Up to 600 rebates available from September 1, 2019 for a waterwise weather smart irrigation controller
  • A trial showed households using the controller reduced water use by 15 per cent 

Perth households can significantly reduce their water use in the garden, with the Western Australian Government offering a rebate for waterwise weather smart irrigation controllers to help households save precious water.


From September 1, the State Government, through the Water Corporation, will provide a rebate of $200 on the purchase and installation of a weather smart irrigation controller that uses local weather data to adjust sprinkler watering times and reduce over-watering.


Once installed and programmed by an approved waterwise garden irrigator, the weather smart controller is able to detect if it has rained or is about to rain, and adjusts the garden's sprinklers accordingly. Some systems also allow homeowners to control their irrigation system via an app on their mobile phone.


With up to 40 per cent of all household water use being used outdoors in the garden, installing a weather-based irrigation controller is an easy way for Perth households to save water.


A Water Corporation trial of 60 households using weather smart irrigation controllers in 2015-16 showed that on average, each household reduced their total water use by 15 per cent in the first year - or 95,000 litres. This saving is the equivalent of about two backyard swimming pools saved by each house each year.


For information on how to get involved and take advantage of the Waterwise 'Weather Smart' Irrigation Rebate, go to


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"Climate change is impacting the amount of rain we receive, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a green and healthy garden.


"By using smarter sprinkler technology that doesn't just 'set and forget', but considers how much water the garden needs depending on the weather that week, households can save water and reduce their water bills.


"Weather smart controllers are especially effective during spring and autumn when weather can be more unpredictable. On cool and wet days our gardens don't need extra watering, but in our busy lives we don't always have the time to check the weather and adjust our sprinklers.


"I encourage Perth residents who are considering an upgrade to their sprinkler system this spring to take advantage of the $200 rebate and install the latest in waterwise technology."

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