Water Corporation has encouraged the Pilbara community to think twice about what they flush down the toilet and pour down the sink, after more than 100 blockages were cleared from wastewater systems in the North West region during 2019.

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager, Sharon Broad, said the only things that should be flushed down the toilet were pee, paper and poo.

“In 2019, we spent more than $300,000 clearing over 100 blockages in wastewater systems across the North West and the majority of these were caused by incorrect items making their way into the wastewater system,” Mrs Broad said.

“Items like socks, jocks, wet wipes, cotton buds, nappies and plastic bags should not be flushed down the toilet as they do not break down like toilet paper.

“It is also important to not pour fat, oil or grease straight down the kitchen sink as once it cools it can solidify and cause blockages.

“By ensuring you don’t incorrectly dispose of items down the toilet or drain, you are helping to protect our wastewater system and minimise chances of an overflow to the environment.

“Blockages can also occur in your home’s internal plumbing, so you will also minimise having to pay for a plumber to clear your home’s internal wastewater pipes.”

Across the North West, Water Corporation collects, treats and safely disposes of wastewater from more than 31,000 properties each year. Wastewater is transported through 682 kilometres of wastewater mains and 76 pump stations, then treated at 17 wastewater treatment plants.

Members of the community should report suspected wastewater blockages to Water Corporation 24 hours a day seven days a week by phoning 13 13 75.

For more information about what you can and can’t flush, visit Water Corporation’s website watercorporation.com.au

Water Corporation North West Region employees with a 35kg blockage pulled out of the Karratha Wastewater Treatment Plant

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