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  • Climate change has made rainfall less predictable
  • Broome, Derby and Onslow added to the 2020-21 Waterwise Towns Program alongside Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham and Point Samson
  • Program expanded to several Kimberley town-based Aboriginal communities  
  • 30 million litres of water saved in the Pilbara in 2019-20 

Water Minister Dave Kelly today announced that seven Pilbara and Kimberley communities, including Broome and Karratha, will have access to special water-saving offers through the Water Corporation's 2020-21 Waterwise Towns Program.


In the north of Western Australia, climate change has caused increased variability in weather patterns and rainfall is less predictable which impacts upon water security.


The Waterwise Towns Program, which last year saved 30 million litres of water in the Pilbara, will again be available to households in Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham and Point Samson.


In 2020-21, water-saving support through the Waterwise Towns Program will be extended to residents in Broome, Derby and Onslow.


Households in each participating Pilbara and Kimberley community will have the opportunity to replace old, inefficient showerheads with waterwise alternatives through the Water Corporation's Showerhead Swap program.


In addition, communities in Karratha, Wickham, Point Samson, Broome and Derby will receive comparative water-use letters showing how their consumption stacks up against others and offering waterwise tips. 


For the first time, the program will be expanded to several Kimberley town-based Aboriginal communities, offering free household leak inspections and minor repairs using local contractors.


Delivered with the support of the Department of Communities and local housing service providers, the adjunct program will be rolled out in Mirima and Nulleywah (Kununurra), Warayu and Guda Guda (Wyndham), Kurnangki and Mindi Rardi (Fitzroy Crossing), and Mardiwah Loop (Halls Creek).


The 2020-21 Waterwise Towns Program will extend water-saving support to 40 regional communities across Western Australia.


Local offers are available from October 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021.


Since 2013-14, the program has saved an estimated 1.27 billion litres of precious water -equivalent to 564 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


To further assist the community with saving water, the Leak Assist Program (LAP) has now also been extended to include regional WA. The LAP enables eligible customers to claim a rebate of $100 when they engage a licensed, waterwise plumber to repair a leak.


For more details and to view local offers, visit


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"Most people understand the importance of making waterwise decisions, particularly as we meet the challenges posed by climate change.


"The Waterwise Towns Program supports this by equipping regional Western Australians with the tools to make water-saving changes to their everyday lives." 


Comments attributed to Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel:


"It's fantastic to see support extended to more communities in the State's north to make it easier and cheaper for households to conserve our most precious resource.


"I'd like to encourage residents in participating Pilbara towns to take advantage of available offers and embrace a waterwise lifestyle."

Comments attributed to Kimberley MLA Josie Farrer:


"This water-saving program provides our community with tangible and effective ways to help us meet the challenges posed by climate change.


"It's particularly encouraging that local contractors will be used to repair leaks and upgrade inefficient fixtures within town-based Aboriginal communities - helping to save water and addressing avoidable costs."


Minister's office - 6552 6100