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Water Corporation Community Engagement Advisor Kate Lee with Water Corporation Senior Project Manager Assets Delivery Louis Tang at the new drainage culverts.

  • Drain upgrade provides homes and businesses better protection from rare and extreme rainfall
  • New culverts installed to divert stormwater under busy roads in Innaloo
  • Since 2017-18, $46.3 million spent upgrading drainage infrastructure in the metropolitan area


Flood defences in Osborne Park, Innaloo and Woodlands have been significantly enhanced, with the completion of a $16.7 million drainage project to better protect the community from extreme rainfall events.


Water Minister Dave Kelly today announced completion of the Water Corporation project that saw new drainage culverts installed underneath Pearson Street and Scarborough Beach Road in Innaloo.


An existing drainage channel along Stephenson Avenue was also relined and cleared, increasing the channel's capacity to handle heavier stormwater inflows and providing better flood protection to nearby homes and businesses. 


Careful environmental management during the project ensured any fauna in the drain was relocated during construction. Aquatic species have started repopulating the drain since its completion.


The project also involved extensive engagement with nearby community members, who helped select native vegetation, which was planted along Pearson Street in June this year. 


Final reinstatements to the area will be completed in coming months.


Since 2017-18, Water Corporation has spent $46.3 million upgrading drainage infrastructure in the metropolitan area.


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"Nearby residents and business owners can have confidence that, through this project, the local drainage system is now better equipped to cope with rare and extreme rainfall events.


"We know that such events are becoming less predictable, and going to increase in the frequency and severity in the future, as a direct result of the impacts of climate change on local weather patterns.


"By increasing capacity in the local drainage system we're able to also reduce the impact of flooding on local roads, making the area safer for motorists.


"I thank local residents for their participation and patience in what has been a critical project for this local area."


Comments attributed to Churchlands MLA Christine Tonkin:


"The upgrade of the drainage system has not only benefitted members of the community and local businesses, it has also been managed in a way that has improved the environment, especially for native species.


"By engaging the community in the revegetation programme, the outcomes have bettered both the urban and natural environments."


Minister's office - 6552 6100