• Waterwise design guide showcases latest in water-sensitive urban planning
  • OneOneFive Hamilton Hill development a blueprint for waterwise community of the future
  • Permeable paving, water harvesting tree pits, and community groundwater bores among waterwise initiatives to help save water in the face of climate change   


Water Minister Dave Kelly is encouraging housing developers to recognise the value of water-sensitive urban design in combating the impacts of climate change and reduced rainfall, through a waterwise development guide being promoted as part of National Water Week.


A joint initiative between DevelopmentWA, Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the guide was created by sustainability experts Josh Byrne & Associates to demonstrate the benefits of waterwise design in homes and communities of the future.


The guide uses the soon-to-be-built OneOneFive Hamilton Hill[1] development to showcase the latest in water-sensitive urban design.


A DevelopmentWA project, OneOneFive Hamilton Hill will feature localised stormwater infiltration methods such as permeable paving and water harvesting tree pits, the inclusion of a community groundwater bore, and advanced water-efficiency in buildings and within the landscape.


The design options investigated in the guide can be applied to all types of developments, and support efforts by developers, local governments, urban water professionals and others to deliver future communities that use and reuse water as efficiently as possible.


Making it easier for developers to integrate water-sensitive urban design into new estates supports resilient and highly liveable neighbourhoods in the face of climate change and reduced rainfall.


As OneOneFive Hamilton Hill progresses, the guide will be updated to include learnings and insights captured during the construction and occupation phases of the project.


For more information or to view the guide, visit

http://www.watercorporation.com.au/Help-and-advice/Waterwise-business-programs/Waterwise-Development-Program/About-our-program or



Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"The waterwise development guide is one of many water-saving initiatives undertaken to support Perth's transition to a leading waterwise city by 2030.


"By incorporating more efficient water management in urban design, communities can reduce reliance on scheme water, better utilise local water sources, and create cooler microclimates that support local biodiversity.


"Promoting water sensitive urban design is an important way of creating future communities that are more resilient to climate change, particularly as we continue to see its impacts on our precious water supplies across the State. 


"The goal is to make water-sensitive urban design mainstream practice in Perth's development industry.


"I encourage residential building developers to review the guide and find out how they can help deliver a more waterwise future."


Minister's office - 6552 6100

[1] OneOneFive Hamilton Hill is the redevelopment of the former Hamilton Senior High School site in Perth's southern corridor. The 12-hectare DevelopmentWA infill project will include around 225 lots, 333 homes, and two hectares of public open space, including remnant bushland.