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The Shire of Exmouth has earned special recognition as WA's newest waterwise council and is on target to reduce its water use by 24 million litres this year.

A joint initiative between Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Waterwise Council Program supports local councils to adopt more waterwise practices in their operations and communities.

Water Corporation Mid West Manager Steve Greeve said the program aims to build cooperative working relationships with local councils and foster demand management capability to improve water efficiency, climate resilience and liveability.

"Water efficiency is a shared responsibility across the community – councils lead by example to promote the valuable role of water in creating liveable, vibrant and healthy communities,” Mr Greeve said.

"I extend my congratulations to the Shire of Exmouth for coming on board and committing to being as water efficient as possible across its operations.”

Shire of Exmouth President Darlene Allston said the Council was on target to reduce its water use by 24 million litres this year.

“The Shire has experienced a very busy and extended tourist season over the past two years.

“We all have a role to play to protect our water supply and adapt the way we use water. This is especially important that we do our part to reduce demand on local water resources.

“In addition to enhancing our own water management principles and practices, we look forward to running waterwise community initiatives and offers to help raise awareness of our most precious resource.”

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