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Water Corporation and the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley have issued a warning over the dangers of illegally fishing and recreating within restricted areas of the Ord River Diversion Dam.

It follows an increase in the number of people ignoring warning signs advising of the dangers posed by turbulent waters and saltwater crocodiles. 

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager, Sharon Broad, said new signage and fencing had been installed to further prevent access to restricted areas, however, some people continued put themselves at risk.

“It’s disappointing that despite repeated warnings, a small number of people continue to engage in risky behaviour,” Ms Broad said.

“People who fish from boats or rocks within the restricted areas risk being swept into turbulent water or attacked by a saltwater crocodile.

“Just last month we observed a person fishing from rocks downstream of the dam near where a saltwater crocodile was spotted in the days prior.

“Warning signs are clear to see, and fencing and buoys are in place to mark the restricted areas which extend 100 metres upstream and 200 metres downstream of the dam.

“While we prefer to take an educational approach to these matters, community safety is our foremost concern and significant fines will apply to people caught deliberately trespassing.”

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley President, Cr David Menzel, echoed the warning, saying there were other, safer areas for people to fish a recreate.

“Unfortunately, we continue to see members of our community putting themselves at risk by entering areas they know they’re not supposed to be in,” Cr Menzel said.

“Living in a fishing destination like Kununurra means there are plenty of other fantastic places to fish, that are a whole lot safer.

“We encourage everyone to venture out and explore  the many safe and exciting fishing destinations that Kununurra and the wider East Kimberley offers.”

For more information on boating and fishing in Kununurra visit the Kununurra Visitor’s Centre or

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