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Date: Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 February 2024 inclusive
Area affected: Bridgetown
Issue: Restricting non-essential water use

Due to an operational issue at the Bridgetown reservoir, customers in the Bridgetown area are asked to please limit water use to essential purposes until after Sunday 11 February.

Crews are working hard to return the reservoir to normal operation as quickly as possible. You can help by please limiting all non-essential water use such as: 

  • Switch off garden reticulation and hand water if necessary  
  • Avoid washing cars and other vehicles 
  • Avoid washing pets 
  • Do not hose down pavers or driveways  
  • Remember to keep showers to four minutes 
  • Restrict use of water-using appliances 

We are aware of the forecast hot temperatures across the region over coming days, but we ask you to please be conscious of water use while our crews complete this important work. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and encourage you to please contact our 24-hour faults and emergencies line on 13 13 75 to report any water supply issues.