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Digital meter install

  • Smart meters to be installed across Exmouth from mid-July
  • Program to upgrade mechanical meters to new smart technology
  • Smart meters make it easier to monitor water usage, helping save water and reduce bills

Around 1600 smart meters will be rolled out across Exmouth from mid-July under the Cook Government’s $1.25 million project to improve water efficiency and help customers reduce their bills.

Under the project, existing mechanical meters will be upgraded to new smart technology which measures water use hourly and transmits data daily. 

Customers can access information through their Water Corporation online account, providing insight into their daily water use, trends and opportunities to build on waterwise habits. 

The technology also makes it easier to identify high or unusual water use patterns, helping identify hidden leaks sooner, saving money and reducing water wastage.

The new meters take around 15 minutes to install, which means Exmouth residents can expect minimal disruption as the rollout occurs across homes and businesses.

Water Corporation was one of the first water utilities to adopt smart meter technology, with 14,000 smart meters installed in Kalgoorlie-Boulder in 2010. There are now more than 40,000 installed across the State, including some areas of the Pilbara and in Yanchep.  A project to install 16,000 similar meters across Perth and Peel began in August last year. 

CSIRO modelling predicts climate change will lead to higher temperatures, more extreme weather events, and less reliable rainfall in the Gascoyne and across Western Australia.  

The meter replacement project is one of several measures to ensure the sustainable use of existing water resources in Exmouth.

Last year, Water Corporation worked with the local community to implement a number of free waterwise initiatives including showerhead swap, irrigation and waterwise plumbing services. These, combined with initiatives targeting high use irrigation sites, will help deliver water savings of over 12 million litres of water annually, enough to fill 285 backyard swimming pools. 

In parallel, work is underway to investigate a new drinking water source to supplement Exmouth’s supply, with either a sustainable small-scale desalination plant or an additional groundwater source being considered.

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Comments attributed to Water Minister Simone McGurk:

“Climate change indicators show hotter and drier weather conditions into the future, and we all need to do our bit to conserve our most precious resource.

“Smart meter technology provides access to hourly water usage data, updated daily, which makes it easier for people to understand their water consumption trends and identify costly hidden leaks early.

“I encourage the Exmouth community to get on board and take ownership of their water use and enhance waterwise habits - there’s a real opportunity here to create both water and cost savings.

“The Cook Government’s $1.25 million investment in the latest smart meter technology and investigations into a new drinking water source highlights our commitment to improving water security in Exmouth”.

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