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installing a nice green water meter
Meter Renewals program senior field inspector Rob Moloney installs one of the new smart water meters

More than 4,000 properties across Mandurah will be some of the first to receive a smart water meter under a new Water Corporation pilot to assess the technology's future potential. 

The homes are among 16,000 across Perth and Peel selected to take part in the free trial, which is one of the largest ever launched in Australia. 

Smart meters transmit wireless water-use data, allowing customers to view daily water consumption in hourly increments through an online account available later this year. 

The technology makes it easy to notify customers of high or unusual water use patterns, helping them identify leaks sooner and reducing the risk of surprise bills.

The rollout across Mandurah will begin in Halls Head, with 1,286 meters to be installed from early April. In May, the program will shift to Dawesville and Mandurah where a further 2,779 meters will be installed.  

Water Corporation Customer & Community Manager, Karen Willis, said the pilot would provide valuable insights into the benefits and practical application of smart meters in Perth and Peel. 

“Climate change is continuing to impact the amount of water flowing into our dams, which means it’s more important than ever to be waterwise,” Ms Willis said. 

“Smart meters are one way we can empower people to take action to reduce water consumption around the home. We know that by giving people greater access to information about their water use, they’re far more likely to alter their behaviours.

“The other benefit is we’ll be able identify and notify customers of internal leaks far sooner, which helps save water and also reduces the potential for surprise bills.”   

Customers in more than 20 suburbs across 14 different water supply zones will receive a new meter, before the pilots concludes in 2025.

Different suburbs, customer groups and housing types have been selected to provide a broad representation of water use patterns and test the meters’ performance in different areas. 

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