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Find out here about disconnecting a water or sewer service and how much it costs.

Disconnecting a water service

Find out how to disconnect a water or sewer service and how much it costs.

It is recommended that where the water service is no longer required that it be disconnected to protect pipes and meters from damage or theft, and also to reduce the risk of water waste. Property owners are liable for all costs associated with these events.

If the water service is still required after demolition (e.g. for future development) a licensed plumber must secure the internal water service in a manner that complies with the appropriate plumbing regulations and standards. For further information, please visit the Plumbing Licensing Board.

The Water Corporation will not disconnect the water supply to an occupied dwelling Water Services Act 2012 section 95(3).

How much will it cost?

The fee to disconnect a water service is $1,265.60. Please note that if a new water service is installed at a later date, full cost of the water service will apply. Please refer to our water supply service fees for water service connection costs.

How to apply

To disconnect an existing water service you will need to submit a 'Water service application' in BuilderNet. You can use our Guest Account option to log in.

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Disconnecting a sewer service

Failure to cut and seal the sewer service may cause sand or other material to enter the sewer and cause blockages or damage to pumps and other equipment. The cost of repairs can be recovered from the property owner.

A licensed plumber must disconnect the building from the sewer main and ensure the sewer connection point is left sealed in a manner that complies with the appropriate Plumbing Regulations and Standards.