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Fees for sewer junctions and connections.

Sewer junctions

Sewer junction fees  

100mm cut in junction $904.63
150mm cut in junction $1,108.68
Cut in junction greater than 150mm Quote
Cut in junction where sewer main is greater than 300mm Quote

Note: In Special Issues Areas (such as central business districts) where traffic management, access and restoration is involved, the associated costs need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Connection fee

For new developments or for sewer conversions (i.e. existing buildings converting from septic tanks to a connection to our sewer mains).

Sewer connection fees

Sewer connection fee $35.30

Reimbursement for blockages

Reimbursement to private plumbers for attending sewer blockages.

Sewer reimbursement for blockages

Normal hours (7am - 4pm, Mon - Fri) $249.59*
Outside normal hours (including weekends and public holidays) $376.20*

* Prices are inclusive of GST