Here you will find information about non-standard services and the types of services that require a signed agreement.

Non-standard services

The following service types are referred to as non-standard services:

  • Additional services – where a service already exists on the property and a second service is required
  • Reticulation services – where one or more services already exist on the property and another service is required for reticulation purposes – these are common in strata-titled unit developments and are available when there is 3 or more units involved
  • Shire services – for drinking fountains, roundabouts or median strips.

Customers seeking a service that does not conform to the levels of service required under our Water Services License, must sign an agreement with Water Corporation.

Services by agreement

The following are our main types of services by agreement:

  • Services from distribution or trunk mains
  • Restricted use services
  • Services where the meter is not on the property being served
  • Fire services
  • Farmland services
  • Private pressure sewer systems
  • Effluent only discharge schemes
  • Emergency services (where there is a risk to public health and safety if the primary service is interrupted. e.g. hospitals).

Where a property is subject to a Service by Agreement arrangement, you will be required to:

  • meet all costs of constructing and maintaining the service connection
  • pay all fees associated with the connection of the service prior to the provision of the connection
  • ensure a licensed plumber undertakes or supervises the service connection
  • provide written proof of access if the service connection is across a reserve, or an easement, if it is across private property and to inform Water Corporation if access is withdrawn or no longer available
  • prepare and lodge a Notification under Section 70A of the Transfer of Land Act (1983) stating that the water service to the land is subject to an agreement which specifies the terms of the service (we can do this on your behalf for a fee).

Other issues you should be aware of are:

  • Service connection applications may be placed on hold pending the completion of these requirements.
  • Service connections applications may be placed on hold on the request of the applicant.
  • Depending on what other alternatives may be available, we reserve the right to refuse the service.

Servicing conditions for a water supply may include one or more of the following:

  • water quality may not meet Drinking Water Quality Standards
  • water pressure may be poor, excessive or fluctuate
  • flow rate may be limited or variable and not comply with our Water Services License
  • interruptions to supply may occur without notice, therefore it is recommended that you have an on-site storage tank.


We will provide 12 months notice if it we wish to disconnect the service, however for a serious breach of the terms and conditions to the agreement, the service may end immediately.


How to request a service?

You can request a non-standard service via BuilderNet by selecting Lodge a Water Service application.

Apply for a non-standard service

Alternatively, you can fill in the non-standard water service application form

Once your application has been processed, we will email you an invoice outlining the relevant fees. We require payment before a work order for the water service can be generated.

What is the cost?

You can refer to our fees and charges section for information relating to water service sizes and costs.

You can refer to our information about meter boxes should your non-standard service require additional protection.

Payment of any infrastructure contributions that may apply are the responsibility of the owner.

To request a quote: