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Below are some examples of our fittings that you may find on your property or construction site. If you see them, it means our pipelines are located nearby. To prevent damage to our pipelines and other assets we have put together guidelines for common fittings.

Access chambers look like this

Access chamber

Things you need to know:

Unauthorised access to access chambers is prohibited and extremely dangerous.

If you need access please contact us on 13 13 95.

Access chambers should not be covered over or have materials stored over them.

Pipeline fittings and structures look like this

Cathodic protection test point and fire service standpipe

Things you need to know:

  • Locate all pipelines and associated fittings before starting work.
  • Pipelines must be maintained in the condition in which they are found and protected from damage during works.
  • Exposed fittings, such as valve and trafficable sewer covers should not be covered over.
  • Access to fittings must be kept clear at all times and not affected by any other equipment or structure.

Warning markers look like this

Pipeline marker and sewer main marker

Things you need to know:

Do not remove markers unless it is necessary to complete your works. On completion of the work replace all markers in their original location and orientation.

Markers must be protected from damage during works.

Temporary warning markers may be installed by us and are to remain in place until we remove them.