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Using BuilderNet, you will be able to submit requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BuilderNet is our online self service system for submitting building and service requests. It's a quick and easy way to lodge and receive authorisations and approvals for the following applications:

  • Building notifications
  • Water service applications
  • Sewer connection applications

Why do I need to lodge a building application?

It is a statutory requirement (Water Services Act 2012 section 82) to obtain our approval prior to the commencement of building.

For single residential, single residential alterations/additions and minor applications, we rely our your self-assessment when we assess your application. Prior to submitting your building application in Buildernet, we recommend completing a self-assessment of your application by following these steps:

Applications for multi-residential/commercial development, sewer and water service requests will be assessed by a Building Services Officer.

What information do I need prior to lodging my application?

  • Property details
  • Owner details
  • Applicant details (person/company responsible for paying the invoice)
  • Construction cost
  • Estimate completion date
  • Demolition date (if the existing building has been or will be demolished)
  • Meter location details (if meter does not exist on site or there is no prelaid service)
  • Existing meter number (Required for relocations of water meters)
  • Attachments (for plans, site plans)

How do I lodge my application?

  1. Login to BuilderNet as either a guest user or a regular user:
    • Guest user – single or occasional use (i.e. once a month or less)
    • Regular user – frequent use (i.e. more than once a month). You will be required to complete a customer registration form
  2. Once logged in, choose the appropriate application request and submit it online.
  3. For building authorisations, you must attach electronic copies of your architectural site and floor plans, as well as any other documents relevant to your application (each attachment must be less than 10MB and in JPEG or PDF format).
  4. Once your application has been submitted and processed we will email you an invoice, outlining the application fees and you will need to pay these before your application is approved / authorised.

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Handy tips for lodging your applications

  • All blue fields must be completed (these fields are important to assist in processing your application).
  • Use dropdown lists for street and suburb details.
  • Only enter comments into the comments fields when necessary – any data in this field will stop your application for us to read and review your comments.
  • Each attachment must be less than 10MB and in JPEG or PDF format.
  • You only have 30 minutes to complete your application – please have all of your appropriate information readily available.

General information

BuilderNet is available to all customers to lodge building and service connection applications. Standard Water Corporation fees and charges will apply.

Properties located within a Central Business District (CBD) may require quotation – these types of applications may take longer to process.

For all other building and service enquiries, please email or call 13 13 95.