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Whether you’re updating your direct debit for home or business or you’re a property manager, your online account makes it quick and easy.


If you’re updating or cancelling your home direct debit, please log in to your online account. Once you log in, you can:

  • Update your expired credit card details
  • Update your bank account details
  • Change your payment amount, frequency or date
  • Switch from paying your bill when it’s due to a regular payment amount (or vice versa)
  • Cancel your direct debit

Please note that changes may take up to 5 business days to apply to your account.

Use the link below to access the form you need to update your direct debit.


Don't have an online account? Register here.

Business and property managers

You can update or cancel multiple direct debits if you are a business customer or property manager. Please log in to your account and in the 'Bills & payments' section, select 'Manage direct debit'.

If you need to change the payment amount or frequency, bank account details or switch plans, you'll need to cancel your direct debit first and then set up a new one. 

Please note: you can't add a property or properties to a direct debit you've already set up. You'll need to set up a new direct debit and select the properties.