Some businesses are charged differently to others, these variations are outlined below:

Water use charges

We operate a saline water service and a desalinated water service in Denham. Saline water is for outdoor use only.

Denham customers receive a combined bill for water use and service charges every 2 months. Charges for water use from each water source are separated on the bill and clearly show the amount used and charges applicable for each source.

Saline water use charges

Saline water use is charged at the normal country non-residential water use rate which is detailed above.

Desalinated water use charges

Each business or property is allowed a quota of 108 kilolitres per year. Water used within this quota is charged at a set rate and then increases if more than the quota is used.

Desalinated water use charges
Bimonthly consumption Price per kilolitre
Up to or equal to 108kL $0.721
Over 108kL $16.512

Service charges

The water and sewerage service charges that apply to country customers also apply to Denham customers. These charges are detailed on this page.

Coral Bay desalinated water use is charged at $7.835/kL.

The Coral Bay Water Scheme commenced operating in 2008 and was designed to support the local tourism industry. Desalinated water is limited to in-house use only.

The water tariff reflects the cost of providing the service and to encourage customers to adopt efficient internal water use practices and maintain their secondary external water supplies.

Farmland properties are charged $2.797 per kilolitre of water used.

For the first 150kL of water used throughout the billing year, the charge is $1.905/kL. The billing year begins at your first meter reading.

Usage over 150kL:

  • regional businesses are charged at the stepped country water use rates detailed above
  • metropolitan businesses are charged $2.712; the standard metropolitan water use charge for non-residential customers.