If you have an in-house laundry consider low-cost ways to improve efficiency to reduce both water and energy use.

Washing machines are the biggest water users in the laundry, so are the best place to save water.

Simple ways to reduce water use in your laundry

  • Switch to front loading machines - they can use up to 30% less water.
  • Re-program machines to remove high water use cycles. Many machines are pre-programmed with fixed cycle duration and fill requirements, make sure these are suitable for your needs. For help with this, contact a commercial laundry specialist.
  • Program machines to allow for half loads and quick wash cycles.
  • If possible, sub-meter your laundry to monitor water use. Read the meter daily and record the water use, investigate spikes in use as it may indicate a leak.

Check plumbing and fittings

Check laundry plumbing and associated taps, fixtures and fittings for signs of wear and tear on a weekly basis, particularly in shared facility laundries, where taps are used frequently.

Avoid costly leaks by regularly replacing flow restrictors and washers, as part of a planned maintenance program. Check with your plumber if you are not sure how often this needs to be done.