Find information about our charges and billing periods for property managers and landlords here.

We bill our customers every 2 months. Each bill consists of 2 parts:

  • service charges (water rates) and
  • water use charges (how much water a customer has used)

Receiving bills

As the property manager or landlord you can decide how you would like us to bill you. We can either:

  • send you a combined bill for service and water use charges
  • send separate water use and service charge bills
  • send the water use bills directly to your tenants (while you still receive the service charges)

If you are a property manager and would like the account for water use in the tenant's name you can:

If you are a landlord and want the water use account in your tenant's name you can:

  • complete our change my details form and select the option ‘I’m a property owner and want to send the water use bill to my tenant’.

Please be aware that we hold the owner of a property liable for all service charges and water use charges.

Service charges

We calculate our service charge based on the number of days in each billing period.

Our 6 service charge billing periods are:

  • 1 July–31 August - 62 days
  • 1 September–31 October - 61 days
  • 1 November–31 December - 61 days
  • 1 January–29 February - 60 days
  • 1 March–30 April - 61 days
  • 1 May–30 June - 61 days

Bill due date extensions

Property manager can extend their bill due dates if required through My Water. If you are a landlord you can also extend a bill due date by using our online form.

Please note: tenants can negotiate a proposed payment arrangement, but need the landlord's consent to proceed. Please ensure that the tenant has a reached agreement with the landlord before requesting an extension on behalf of a tenant.

Overdue notices

All overdue notices are sent to the property owner. Whilst the account can be sent to your tenant if it is not paid by the due date we will request payment from the owner. The legislation under which we are licensed to operate holds the owner of a property liable for all service charges and water use charges.

While you may require your tenants to pay the charges for water use this arrangement remains a private matter between yourselves.

Special meter readings

If you are property manager you can request a special meter reading when a tenant moves in or out of a property so that we can ensure that your new tenants do not pay for water they have not used.