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Do you have a new product suitable for the water industry? Find out how to have it reviewed for acceptability and approval for use in our areas of operation in WA.

Manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors or agents with a product suitable for the water industry must have it reviewed for acceptability prior to any approval for use in our areas of operation in WA.

'Product' refers to any physical component, chemical formulation or biological agent which may be installed in, added to, or otherwise end up in the wastewater stream.

A product cannot be installed and used in the wastewater system until:

  • it has been approved
  • a trade waste permit has been issued.

Applicants are responsible for arranging an evaluation of their product. We'll consider if the product can be used in our areas of operation in WA and any conditions which must apply to ensure compatibility with the wastewater system.

All product evaluations are subject to charges which can be found on our billing and charges page.

Our considerations

  • Use of the product must not cause a trade waste discharge to exceed our acceptance criteria, or cause an unacceptable increase in the concentration or mass load of an undesirable parameter.
  • Use of the product must not increase the organic loading on the wastewater system.
  • The product must not otherwise interfere with the operation of the wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system.
  • Additional supportive data may be requested to allow proper evaluation of the product.
  • In cases where there is doubt about the effects of a product, it will not be considered acceptable or approved.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application. We make the final decision as to whether a product is approved for installation in our areas of operation in WA.

Should you fail to provide any requested information necessary to progress with a product (re)evaluation then a final request shall be made. If no reply or information is received within thirty (30) calendar days then your application shall be closed and an invoice will be raised.

Your considerations

  • Assessment of your product can't begin until proper submission of an application form and payment of prescribed application fees.
  • We don't undertake engineering or performance testing of products. You must submit such information at the application stage and provide further information when requested to do so.
  • A physical inspection of the product may be required. A sample of your product must be provided if requested.
  • An invoice will be raised at the end of the review process.
  • A decision on the application will not be made until you have paid all fees and any additional costs necessary as part of the assessment process.
  • We reserve the right to amend or withdraw approval of your product if the product does not meet the necessary approval requirements.

Typical information you will need to provide 

  • A completed new product evaluation application form with prescribed payment of fees.
  • No sales material is to be provided.
  • A description of how the product works and the reason for its use.
  • Technical / engineering drawings illustrating scaled dimensions, plumbing pipework and electrical wiring, where relevant.
  • Current engineering certification to relevant Australian and/or international standards, where relevant. 
  • Valid scientific / engineering data demonstrating claimed product performance, where relevant.
  • Safety data sheets (SDSs) which list all chemical constituents of the product and their proportions, where relevant.
  • Installation and maintenance manuals, where relevant.
  • Instructions for use, including the quantities to be used, for all uses recommended by the manufacturer, where relevant.
  • Where a product is diluted, instructions for dilution and the nature of the diluting solvent.
  • Details of specific situations where the manufacturer recommends the product should not be used.

General plumbing products

General plumbing and water products used for domestic or household purposes such as pipes, fittings, taps and valves etc. must be assessed by an appropriate NATA accredited laboratory before they can be used in Australia. We are not involved in evaluating these products.


We treat all commercial information in the strictest confidence. This information is not released to any person outside the Corporation without the written consent of the person who originally supplied the information.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, information obtained on the basis of 'commercial in-confidence' is exempt from release.