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Here’s what you need to know about managing the bills for the properties you manage and how our charges work.

You'll get a bill from us every 2 months. Each bill can include:

Receiving bills

You can decide how you want us to bill you. We can send:

  • a combined bill for service and water use charges
  • a separate water use and service charge bills
  • the water use bills to your tenants (while you still receive the service charges)

To view your billing preferences details, please log in to your online account, go to the 'Manage' tab, select 'Manage billing' and scroll down to the 'Property billing and charges details' table. This is where you can see your properties' bill type and delivery method.

  • Separate charges - service charges and water use charges will be billed separately and sent to the property manager

  • Combined charges - water use and service charges will be combined on one bill and sent to the property manager

  • Water use only - water use only bill will be sent to the property manager and we'll continue to send the service charges to the owner

  • Tenant billing & property manager billing - we'll send the water use only bill to the tenant and the service charges to the property manager

  • Agent authority only - the property manager will be added to the property’s account but will not receive any bills

Need to change the water use bill in the tenant's name?

If you're a property manager:

Please note: we hold the property owner liable for all service and water use charges. We advise you to inform the tenant that if they need more time to pay their water bill, they apply for a bill extension. This will stop overdue notices from being sent to the property owner.

Overdue notices

As per legislation, we’re required to send all overdue notices to the property owner, regardless of who receives the bill. You’ll need to speak to the tenant to resolve any overdue charges and arrange payment.

Service charges

We calculate service charges based on the number of days in each billing period.

Our 6 service charge billing periods are:

  • 1 July to 31 August: 62 days
  • 1 September to 31 October: 61 days
  • 1 November to 31 December: 61 days
  • 1 January to 28 February: 59 days (60 if leap year)
  • 1 March to 30 April: 61 days
  • 1 May to 30 June: 61 days

The property owner usually pays service charges.

Bill due date extensions

Property managers can extend bill due dates if required via their online account.

Please note: tenants who receive the water bill directly from us can extend it using the online form. To apply for a bill extension on the tenant's behalf, please ensure the tenant has the property manager's consent first. You can then extend their bills online.

To apply for a payment arrangement on behalf of the tenant, please also ensure the tenant has the property manager's consent.

You can only apply for an extension or request a payment arrangement on behalf of a tenant if they have the property owner’s consent.

Special meter readings

Property managers can request a special meter reading when tenants move in or out of a property. This ensures that each tenant only pays for the water they use, whether they are moving in or out.