This third pipe scheme supplies properties in Brighton with non-drinking water to irrigate their lawn and garden. The scheme was taken over by Water Corporation in late 2015 from developer, Satterley.
Third pipe schemes save our precious drinking water supplies by using other water sources for irrigation. The water supplied must only be used for watering lawn and garden through the automatic garden irrigation system. Water from this service is not to be used for anything else.

Residents who are connected to or can connect to the Brighton Third Pipe Scheme are encouraged to do so and are notified of the scheme on their land title (a Section 70A Notification), winter switch on/off notifications, meter stickers and wording on their water bill.

How are residents charged for this service?

Residents will receive a non-drinking water service charge based on the size of their block. This will be billed two-monthly or annually based on their billing arrangement with Water Corporation. This charge will appear on their Water Corporation service account. The charge is based on the non-drinking water service being available to their property, so vacant land and properties that have not connected will be charged for the service. This is the fairest way to charge, as it means all properties contribute to the cost of providing and maintaining the non-drinking water service.

If you have any enquiries or concerns about the charges related to this service, please contact us on 13 13 85.

Will Water Corporation be responsible for maintaining sprinklers and the irrigation pipes in the resident’s lawn and garden?

No. As with drinking water supply, our responsibilities stop at the property boundary. Residents are responsible for maintaining their household garden irrigation system. Although please notify us if your irrigation controller needs to be replaced or isn’t functioning correctly. If required, faulty controllers will be replaced by Water Corporation by contacting 13 13 75.

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