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This offer has now closed. 

Thank you for your interest in being waterwise. Please check back regularly for new offers.

Want to ensure your sprinkler system is ready to go for the warmer months? Well, now is the perfect time! You can register to have a garden irrigator visit your home to ensure your irrigation system is working efficiently.  

This free Waterwise Irrigation Service is up to the value of $250 and includes: 

  • Checking for leaks and issues in your irrigation system, including the master solenoid, manual isolation valve and backflow prevention device 
  • Checking for coverage issues 
  • Checking for broken sprinkler heads and the use of inefficient misting or micro sprayers
  • Checking your controller settings & setting optimal run times for your garden 
  • Providing advice on how to efficiently use your irrigation system 

What the service does not include: 

  • Extensive replacement of parts 
  • Fixing complicated issues 
  • Irrigation system redesigns or mapping 
  • Irrigation controller replacement
  • Garden maintenance/landscape re-designs 

Irrigation Service locations

Residential customers in the following locations are currently eligible for this waterwise offer:
  • Great Southern: Albany
  • Mid West: Exmouth, Jurien Bay
  • South West: Bridgetown, Manjimup, Northcliffe, Pemberton, Quinninup

How to apply for your Irrigation Service

1. Complete and submit the application form.
2. If you're eligible, we will provide your details to an irrigation contractor in your area.
3. You'll be contacted by the contractor within 21 days to arrange a suitable time to visit your home.
Please note, this service is not intended for urgent repairs. We appreciate your patience while your appointment time is scheduled.

The Waterwise Irrigation Service is a free and limited service available to Residential Scheme water users located in the selected 2023-24 regional Waterwise Towns list (see above for eligible towns). Water Corporation offers the Service to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce water use. All work is conducted by a Contractor employed by Water Corporation.

Registrations open on 1 October 2023 and must be received before 1 May 2024 to be part of the current program, and the Service must be completed between 1 October 2023 and 30 June 2024. The Corporation has the right to close registrations early when the budget is fully committed.

It is important you read and understand the terms and conditions before registering for the Program.

The Corporation offers the Service in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By participating in, and registering for the Service, You are taken to have accepted these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions
The terms in these conditions have the following meaning:
  • Corporation: Water Corporation (ABN 28 003 434 917)
  • Inspection: the Contractor's inspection of Your garden and irrigation system to assess and document its efficiency
  • Contractor: Irrigation Contractor
  • Program: the Corporation’s Waterwise Irrigation Service
  • Service: means the Waterwise Irrigation Services provided to repair, program, retrofit/replace irrigation system components, provided in accordance with the Program
  • You: the person wishing to participate in the Program
  • Residential customer: a customer not identified as business customer
  • Scheme: water supplied by the Water Corporation through its drinking water supply network.
2. Eligibility

To qualify for this Program:

  1. Your property must be located in one of the regional towns listed under the Program on the Corporation's website and must use Scheme water.
  2. Your property must have a working irrigation controller installed.
  3. Tenants can apply for the Service but may need the property owners' permission and are responsible for securing any permissions required.
  4. Someone from the property must be at the property at the time the Service is carried out.
  5. Customers who received the service as part of previous year's offers are not eligible to apply for this service for the same property.
  6. Where a Residential Customer owns or manages multiple properties with different Corporation account numbers, the service will be available for a maximum of three properties for sole accounts
  7. The Corporation may offer the Program to multi-residential sites, businesses or both at its sole and absolute discretion. 
3. Registration process

If You wish to participate in the Program:

  1. You must register your interest through the form available on the website by 1 May 2024
  2. You will be required to submit details about your irrigation system to apply for the Service and provide the Corporation with Your account number for the property
  3. This Service is not designed for urgent works. Services will be scheduled in the order registrations are received and will be delivered during the Program period;
  4. If there are any issues registering, You can contact the Corporation on 08 9423 7117 or;
  5. By registering for this Program, You agree and consent to the Corporation providing Your name, address and contact details to the Contractor to arrange the Inspection and to undertake the Service
  6. The Contractor will contact You directly to schedule the Service, if the Contractor is unable to contact You after three attempts, the Service may be cancelled at their discretion. 
  7. The Corporation will make a note of Your participation in the Program on its internal customer database
4. Provision of services

A Contractor will carry out an Inspection of the irrigation system at Your property and determine whether any irrigation components need to be re-programmed, repaired or replaced and may recommend a new installation to improve water efficiency.

The Contractor will:
  1. Undertake the Inspection, including basic leak test with isolation valve on/off
  2. Recommend what work is required to improve water efficiency of the system
  3. Provide a checklist itemising works as part of the Service, to the value of ($250) and obtain approval from Residential Customer to undertake the Services
  4. Itemise any additional costs for the Residential Customer that will not be included as part of the Service, if the Residential Customer would like to proceed at own cost
  5. Provide documentation requiring sign off confirming the work has been completed, and leave an irrigation card at the property
  6. The Service must be completed within the program period
5. Inclusions

The Corporation will pay the cost of the Service up to a maximum value of $250, which may include the following in order of priority;

  1. Checking and programming your current irrigation controller and sprinklers to best suit the needs of your lawn and garden while optimising its efficiency and ensuring it is compliant with your allocated watering days.
  2. A system test to identify and rectify broken, missing, or incorrect sprinkler heads and repair or replacement of inefficient sprinkler heads where possible, such as micro sprays, if funds permit.
  3. Personalised instruction on how to use your controller including an irrigation controller programming card for future reference and a demonstration of how to make seasonal adjustments to the controller
  4. Providing advice on the best treatments for your existing lawn and gardens.
  5. If the installed irrigation controller cannot be programmed to water efficiently, the Contractor may recommend a new controller and provide a quote on the purchase, installation and programming, at your own cost
  6. Contractors are employed by the Corporation to complete the Service only, if extra works are recommended outside of this scope, You are under no obligation to accept the quote and should always consider getting more than one quote
  7. An audit may be carried out, or customer feedback sought, on work carried out the the Corporation as part of the quality assurance process for this Program
6. Liability and warranty
  1. The Corporation will not be liable for any damages, claims or loss suffered whatsoever as a result of the work undertaken as part of the Service unless, and only to the extent that, the Corporation has been negligent.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant Contractor that performed the Service (and any products used) will be responsible for managing all aspects of customer service associated with their products and services, including but not limited to bookings, installations, warranty claims and complaints.
7. Privacy statement

Personal information provided for the purposes of this Service will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Corporation’s Privacy Policy.

Frequently asked questions

Contact us by emailing or calling 08 9423 7117 to cancel or amend your registration for the Irrigation Service as soon as possible so we can notify your allocated garden irrigator.

If the contractor has scheduled a timeslot and it is no longer suitable, get in touch with the contractor directly so they can reschedule your booking.   

If you haven’t heard from the contractor, please email or call 08 9423 7117. 

To register, please fill in the online form above.

If you have difficulties using the online form, please contact us directly by email to or call 08 9423 7117 and we would be happy to assist you. 

Unfortunately, to be eligible for an Irrigation Service, you need to have a functioning automatic irrigation controller at your property. Your garden irrigator will not be able to undertake all the required checks if they cannot run your sprinklers.

Tenants can apply for the Irrigation Service but require the owner’s permission and are responsible for securing any permissions required.

If your complaint is regarding the work undertaken, call your irrigator so they can discuss this with you and action any issues quickly. If it is unable to be resolved by direct liaison with the irrigator, please email your complaint through to and we will get in touch with you. 

If your complaint is about the irrigator’s customer service or behaviour, please contact us directly by emailing

If you own or manage multiple properties with different Corporation account numbers, the service will be available for a maximum of three properties.

The Irrigation Service is very popular and results in a high volume of customers for our irrigators.  

If you signed up for the service and haven’t been contacted within 21 days, please email

Registrations for the program open on 1 October 2023. The program closes on 1 May 2024 or earlier if all allocations are exhausted.

If you wish to have extra work or recommendations completed that is not part of the service, talk to your irrigator about when they could complete these tasks and have them provide a quote to you. This should be dealt with directly between you and the irrigator.  

Once you submit your registration for the service, the details that you provided will be given to a garden irrigator contracted to your area. If your registration is eligible, they will get in touch with you within 21 days to organise a time block and date for your service. If there are any queries regarding your registration the Waterwise Towns team will be in touch with you.   

If your irrigator or Water Corporation attempts to contact you several times and cannot reach you (or a call is not returned), your Irrigation Service will not go ahead.  

You do not need to pay the garden irrigator for anything that is part of the Irrigation Service. Recommendations may be provided after the service, however you are under no obligation to have these recommendations completed.  Additional works would need to be covered at your own expense.   

You may receive an email later requesting feedback about the program and your service.  

This offer is available to Water Corporation account customers connected to scheme water who are owner or occupiers in the Irrigation Service locations listed each year, as a one-time only offer per property. You must have an automatic irrigation controller that has been operational within the past two years. If you have already received a Water Corporation irrigation offer in the past, you are not eligible for the 2023-24 Irrigation Service.

It is mandatory that a member of the household is home for the duration of the service. This is to ensure any waterwise advice is communicated, and any permissions sought before your irrigator undertakes any work.