Genus: Lavandula
Species: stoechas
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Generally, rounded shrubs to 1 metre high and wide with dense, narrow, grey-green leaves and medium length, upright flowering stems. Flowers are produced over the warmer months with a peak in spring. Flowers typically have 2 prominent 'rabbit ear' bracts at the top.

Cultivars include 'Avon View', 'Bee' series, 'Bella' series, 'Beverly', 'Butterfly', 'Evelyn Cadzow', 'Hazel', 'Kew Red', 'Major', 'Merle', 'Pippa White', 'Ploughman’s Purple', 'Plum', 'Snowball' and 'Winter Purple'. Prune lightly to maintain shape.

Pronunciation: Lav-ann-doo-lah