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What is the cost for a special meter reading?

A special meter reading is $17.33; specific and urgent meter readings are $58.24.

What days do we read meters?

Each suburb in the Perth and Mandurah area has an allocated day where our meter readers will be sent to the field to action a Special Meter Reading Request. You can check the allocated days by viewing our special meter reading calendar.

Once your reading has been taken, a Special Meter Reading Certificate will be issued to the person requesting the reading.

Normal reads

If you select a 'Normal' reading, your meter will usually be read within 5 business days before or after the requested read day for the suburb. Where possible the reading will be done on the first available day in that period.

If the allocated read day for the suburb falls on a public holiday, your meter reading may be delayed to the next available day we visit the suburb to take a read.

Urgent meter reads

If the reading is submitted as an 'Urgent' reading we endeavour to read the meter within 2 business days of the date you submit the request.

Specific date meter reads

If you submit a 'Specific' reading date we will read the meter on the date as long as it is a business day.

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