Minimise water loss from your pool or spa

You can significantly reduce water use by optimising your backwash activities and installing an efficient filtration system.

While some water loss is unavoidable through splash-out, overflow and evaporation, monitoring how much water you are topping up will help detect leaks and higher than usual water use.

You can do this by reading your meter daily and recording your water use. Consider installing sub-meters on your balance tanks for easy access to daily water use data.

Reduce water loss through backwashing

Backwashing accounts for up to 40% of total water use in aquatic centres. Ensuring it’s operating efficiently can result in significant savings.

For convenience, most filters are backwashed to a schedule and for a set time, which could be using more water than necessary.

To minimise water loss, backwash the filter only when the pressure drop across the filter exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended limit. To achieve further savings, install a sight glass in the discharge line and stop backwashing as soon as the backwash water becomes clear. Your plumber or service provider can assist you with the installation of a site glass.

Minimising unnecessary backwashing will also reduce your wastewater discharge, energy and pool chemical costs.

Install a water efficient filtration system

Inefficient filtration systems use up to 90% more water than efficient models. When choosing a filter look for models that use between 10 and 50 litres of water per cycle. Speak to your service provider or a pool specialist for specific advice about your pool.

Reduce evaporation by up to 50% with a pool cover*

A pool cover will also help you save money on energy and pool chemical costs, and slow down deterioration of your pool or spa.

Waterwise Approved-and SmartApproved Watermark logos 

When choosing a pool cover, look for the Waterwise and Smart Approved WaterMark symbols. All Waterwise products have been endorsed by Water Corporation, with support from Smart Approved WaterMark - Australia's water conservation label.

*Source: Best practice guidelines for water management in aquatic leisure centres, Sydney Water.  

You can also reduce evaporation simply by reducing water temperature just a few degrees without affecting customer comfort.

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