Creating a waterwise verge

Transforming your verge into a waterwise garden will create an attractive, low maintenance garden.

Saying goodbye to your verge’s lawn and replacing it with a waterwise garden can help you to:

  • save water in the garden
  • create a beautiful greenspace for your street
  • create a cooling effect and counteract ‘heat island’ effects in summer
  • provide ecological benefits, such as providing habitat for local wildlife and promoting biodiversity.

Watch this video for tips on how to makeover your verge.

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Choosing your plants

Use our Waterwise plants directory to find plants that grow best in your local area’s soil type. Your local Waterwise Garden Centre can also help with a range of waterwise plants and products available, as well as expert advice. 

Plants and flowers under 70cm high are best, so that they are not blocking the line of sight of pedestrians, bike riders or car drivers. If you live on a corner block or near an intersection there may be other height restrictions in place – check with your local council before you start planting. 


Ideally your waterwise verge won’t need a permanent irrigation system to be installed. 

If you do require irrigation, we recommend sub-surface drip irrigation. This will be most efficient given the exposed conditions typical of verges.  If you need help with irrigation, your local Waterwise Irrigator or Irrigation Design Store can help. 

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Incentive schemes

Your local council might have an incentive scheme for waterwise verges, or offer free or subsidised native plants to local residents. You should contact them to find out. 

Some council’s also have demonstration verges available for you to visit, or verge guidelines available on their website. 

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