Panjang, Coastal Wattle, Dune Moses, Sand Heath Wattle


Genus: Acacia

Species: lasiocarpa

Small, spreading shrub with small bright green foliage and a showy, display in spring when it bears masses of golden-yellow ball flowers along the stems.

Pronunciation: A-kay-sia


WA Native

Garden type

Coastal, Cottage, Native


H: 50 to 200cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information


Flowering season

spring, winter

Flower colour


Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Silver Cushion Bush, Cushion Bush

A small shrub with ornamental, silver-grey, slender, upright branches. Small, yellow flowers from late summer into autumn.
SunInsect attracting

Summer-Scented Wattle

Dense shrub or small tree to 5 m high. An excellent species to stabilise coastal sand dunes.
SunInsect attracting

Prostrate Scaevola

Coastal specialist ground cover. Fast-spreading and very drought tolerant. Bright green foliage is the perfect foil for fan-shaped, blue flowers.
SunPart ShadeAttracts bees