Springtime Cascade Wattle, Prostrate Jam Wattle


Genus: Acacia

Species: saligna

A showy prostrate wattle that grows only 30–40 cm high with a spread to 3 metres. Dense cover suppresses weed growth excellent for embankments. Bright golden-yellow flowers.

Pronunciation: A-kay-sia


WA Native

Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Native, Tropical


H: 30 to 40cm W: 3 to 5m

Planting information

SunFull shade

Flowering season

spring, winter

Flower colour


Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Dwarf Bottlebrush

Slow-growing shrub to just 1 m high, with compact, dense blue-grey foliage and short, dark crimson-red terminal flowers over a long period.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Cut Leaf Hibbertia

Compact shrub with glossy, green foliage and large, yellow flowers mostly in winter and spring.
SunPart ShadeInsect attracting

Kangaroo Paw Tall Cultivars

Clumping plants with tall flowering stems to as much as 1.5 m high bearing typical kangaroo paw flowers from spring into early summer.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting