Powis Castle Wormwood


Genus: Artemisia

Species: arborescens Powis Castle

An evergreen shrub that forms a dense mound of bluish silver, divided leaves up to 70 cm high and 1 metre wide. A hardy feature or low edging plant. Can be pruned heavily if desired. Frost tolerant.

Pronunciation: Art-em-is-eeah

Warning: Medium to high harm potential. All parts can be irritants from touch and eating. This also applies to stock and other animals. 



Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Verge


H: 50 to 100cm W: 50 to 100cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season



Readily available

Flower colour


Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Coastal Daisy Bush

Ornamental branching shrub to 3 m high with small, soft, silvery grey leaves and stems with tiny yellow flowers towards the tips.
SunAttracts insects and butterflies

Rice Flower

A small, rounded shrub that occurs on the coast from Jurien Bay to Cape Arid. Dense dark green foliage and massed terminal heads of pink flowers in spring.
SunAttracts insects

Dwarf Golden Banksia

A bushy, compact shrub to 2m with bright orange flower cones. Grows well near the coast.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting