Coastal Daisy Bush


Genus: Olearia

Species: axillaris and Cultivars

Ornamental, erect, branching shrub to 3 metres high and 2 metres wide. Usually kept smaller in cultivation by regular pruning. Small, soft, silvery grey leaves and stems with tiny yellow flowers towards the tips in late spring to early summer. Can be planted right on the beach. Flowers often go unnoticed.

Cultivars include 'Compact Form' (I m high and wide, silver grey foliage), 'Little Smokie' (to 1 m high and wide with dark green foliage), 'Beach Ball' (to 1m high with silver foliage) and 'Ghost Town' (1m high and wide with silver foliage).

Pronunciation: O-leer-ee-ah


WA Native

Garden type

Coastal, Mediterranean, Native


H: 100 to 300cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information


Flowering season

spring, summer


Readily available

Flower colour




Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

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