Family: Passifloraceae

Genus: Passiflora

Species: edulis

Fast-spreading, tropical vine with showy, blue flowers and edible fruits with skin colour ranging through purple-black to yellow and orange. Flesh is sweet and filled with seeds. A summer favourite although fruit can mature through winter as well. Needs a substantial supporting structure. Prune back after fruiting to keep compact and encourage new fruit formation.

Cultivars include 'Nellie Kelly', 'Panama Red', 'Panama Gold', 'Misty Gem' and 'Sweetheart'.

Pronunciation: Pasy-floor-ah



Garden type

Edible, Mediterranean, Tropical


H: spreads to more than 800cm W: spreads to more than 800cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season

autumn, spring, summer

Flower colour



Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance


True lemon, one of the most useful fruits in the kitchen. Rounded tree producing large crops of yellow fruit in winter.
SunPart ShadeInsect attractingBird attracting

Mango Kensington Pride, Bowen Mango

Glossy, tropical tree bearing sweet fruits through summer. There are over 5,000 varieties of mango known.
SunBird attracting


Tough deciduous climbers that quickly form a solid trunk. Grapes have a very extensive root system. Once they are established they will feed off your neighbours!
SunBird attracting