Port Wine Magnolia


Genus: Michelia

Species: figo

An evergreen shrub from China. Glossy, green leaves and large flowers that have a deep purple tone. Blooms produce a strong sweet and musty fragrance likened to that of port wine or banana. Prune when young to determine shape. Heavy pruning prevents flowering.

Cultivars include 'Lady of the Night', producing large flowers that are equally as fragrant and cream-tinted magenta.

Pronunciation: Mi-kell-ee-ah



Garden type

Cottage, Tropical


H: 100 to 300cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season

spring, summer


Readily available

Flower colour




Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance

Sasanqua or Full Sun Camellia, Early Season Camellia

Upright shrubs with small leaves and generally simple flowers.
SunPart ShadeFull shadeInsect attracting

Natal Plum

Excellent and tough hedging plant with glossy green foliage is topped by pure white fragrant, star-like flowers.
SunPart ShadeAttracts insectsBird attracting

Californian Lilac

Shrub with small, dark green, glossy wrinkled foliage and massed clusters of tiny, blue flowers in spring. Grows to as much as 2.5 m high and 3 m across.
SunInsect attracting