Fuchsia Mallee, Fuchsia Gum


Genus: Eucalyptus

Species: forrestiana

Ornamental, small, evergreen, often sprawling tree to 5 metres high and wide. Usually has a single low branching trunk with smooth, light brown, ageing to grey, bark. Decorative, large, four-sided red buds and fruits hang from the branches for most of the year with small yellow flowers in summer and autumn. Bird attractant. May be hard pruned if necessary.

Pronunciation: Yew-kal-ip-tus


WA Native

Garden type

Coastal, Cottage, Native


H: 200 to 600cm W: 200 to 600cm

Planting information


Flowering season

autumn, summer


Readily available

Flower colour


Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Cousin It, Prostrate Sheoak

Low spreading even trailing groundcover. Named after the Addams Family character Cousin Itt. Tolerates drought, coastal conditions and windy locations.
SunPart Shade

Dwarf Bottlebrush

Slow-growing shrub to just 1 m high, with compact, dense blue-grey foliage and short, dark crimson-red terminal flowers over a long period.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Coastal Daisy Bush

Ornamental branching shrub to 3 m high with small, soft, silvery grey leaves and stems with tiny yellow flowers towards the tips.
SunAttracts insects and butterflies