Gilt Dragon Grevillea


Genus: Grevillea

Species: preissii 'Gilt Dragon'

Groundcover to low-spreading shrub with fern-like, silver foliage. Pretty bunches of bright red flowers make a show from winter to spring. Tough for coastal areas. Also known as 'Seaspray'.

Pronunciation: Gre-vill-ee-ya

Warning: Avoid contact with spiny foliage as it can lead to allerging skin irritation.


WA Native

Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Native, Verge


H: to 90cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information


Flowering season

autumn, spring, summer


Readily available

Flower colour


Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Robyn Gordon Grevillea

One of the earliest and most successful hybrid grevilleas. Dark green, divided foliage and large, deep red flowers for most of the year.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Dwarf Golden Banksia

A bushy, compact shrub to 2m with bright orange flower cones. Grows well near the coast.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting

Big Flowered Geraldton Wax

Originating around Esperance the large flowered wax has been bred with other varieties to produce a range of stunning small free flowering shrubs with large flowers.
SunPart ShadeAttracts butterflies, insects, bees