Scarlet Moon Grevillea


Genus: Grevillea

Species: 'ScarletMoon'

A new hybrid cultivar bred at Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. This is an evergreen, small, bushy shrub to around 1.6 metres high. Silver foliage is fern-like and white buds open to a scarlet toothbrush style of flower. This is a free flowering plant, much visited by nectar-seeking birds as well as bees. Can be kept compact by trimming after flowering slows down. Available as a grafted plant from specialist retail nurseries

Pronunciation: Gre-vill-ee-ya

Warning: A few plants in the Protea family can be damaged by phosphorous (P). Exercise caution when applying fertiliser. Caution may cause skin irritation.


Australian Native

Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Native, Verge


H: to 160cm W: to 160cm

Planting information

Part ShadeFull shade

Flowering season

autumn, spring, summer, winter


Limited availability

Flower colour


Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance

Superb Grevillea

A shrub to 2.5 metres high and wide with dark green, divided foliage and large, orange-apricot flowers.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Golden Lyre Grevillea

Large greenish yellow, bird attractant flowers which hang from the plant in the warmer months.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Gilt Dragon Grevillea

Groundcover to low-spreading shrub with fern-like, silver foliage. Pretty bunches of bright red flowers make a show from winter to spring.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting