Big Flowered Geraldton Wax


Genus: Chamelaucium

Species: megalopetalum Hybrids

Originating around Esperance the large flowered wax has been bred with other varieties to produce a range of stunning small free flowering shrubs with large flowers. Cultivars include 'Moonlight Delight' (white), 'Matilda' (white suffused red), 'Mitzi' (pink buds and white flowers).

Pronunciation: Kama-law-si-um


WA Native

Garden type

Coastal, Cottage, Mediterranean, Native, Verge


H: 40 to 80cm W: 40 to 100cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season

spring, winter


Limited availability

Flower colour




Water rating

Minimum maintenanceMinimum maintenanceMinimum maintenance

Rice Flower

A small, rounded shrub that occurs on the coast from Jurien Bay to Cape Arid. Dense dark green foliage and massed terminal heads of pink flowers in spring.
SunAttracts insects

Cockies Tongue, Boxwood

An evergreen shrub normally growing in a rounded shape to 2.5 m high and wide. Massed, bright red pea flowers in winter and spring.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting

Panjang, Coastal Wattle, Dune Moses, Sand Heath Wattle

Small, spreading shrub with small bright green foliage and masses of golden-yellow ball flowers along the stems in spring.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting