Dwarf Tree Jasmine Summerscent

Genus: Radermachera

Species: 'Summerscent'

Dense, shrubby habit, growing 2–3 metres high and wide. Glossy foliage responds well to shaping for hedging and topiary. Large heads of tubular flowers appear throughout the summer months with occasional blooms through autumn. Flowers have a sweet, almost fruity perfume which is very pleasant.

Pronunciation: Rader-mach-ee-rah



Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Tropical


H: 100 to 300cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season


Flower colour



Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance


Open shrub with long stems topped with large, bright red bracts that surround small yellow flowers in winter. Requires regular pruning to maintain shape.
SunPart ShadeAttracts insectsBird attracting

Fire Sticks, Pencil Bush, Rubber-Hedge Euphorbia

A bushy, succulent shrub or tree from South Africa that normally grows to about 3 m high and across with branching, leafless, dark green round stems.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting

Orange Jessamine, Mock Orange

An evergreen shrub often used as a hedging plant. Fragrant creamy white flowers in abundance over the warmer months.
SunPart ShadeAttracts beesBird attracting