Fijian Fire Bush


Genus: Acalypha

Species: wilkesiana

A range of shrubs grown for their large, colourful, highly decorative foliage. Leaf colours include shades of red, bronze, green, yellow and white as well as combinations of colours. Many cultivars also have unusually shaped leaves. The plant may be deciduous in cooler climates and is susceptible to frost. The cat's tail flowers are small, wispy and generally not significant.

Pronunciation: Akal-a-fa

Garden type

Cottage, Mediterranean, Tropical


H: 100 to 300cm W: 100 to 200cm

Planting information

Part ShadeSun

Flowering season


Flower colour



Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance

Cotton Rose, Confederate Rose

Fast-growing, deciduous shrub producing large, fluffy double hibiscus blooms. These change colour from pink or white in the morning to red in the evening.
SunPart ShadeInsect attractingBird attracting

Sandankwa Viburnum

A spreading evergreen shrub with tough, dark green, oval leaves and clusters of fragrant pinkish white flowers. Good for hedging.
SunPart ShadeAttracts insects and butterfliesBird attracting

Bird of Paradise Tree, Bird of Paradise Bush, Desert Bird of Paradise, Yellow Bird of Paradise

Relatively sparse, small foliage. Branches are tipped with pale yellow flowers with long, red stamens.
SunPart ShadeAttracts insectsBird attracting