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Acorn Banksia

A fast-growing large, bushy shrub or small tree with silver flower buds opening from the base up to orange flowers. Grows to about 10m.
SunAttracts insectsBird attracting

Adam’s Needle

A perennial succulent forming a clump of upright, sword-shaped, dark green leaves. Has clusters of cream bell-shaped flowers in summer.
SunBird attracting

African Cabbage Tree

A quick-growing, evergreen tree from South Africa. Most forms are upright in habit to as much as 10 metres high.
SunPart ShadeFull shadeInsect attracting

African Daisy, Aurora Daisy

Compact, clump-forming spreading plant, with silvery grey or grey green foliage. Brightly coloured, daisy-like flowers.
SunAttracts insects

African Milk Tree

An unusual plant with firm, fleshy, upright, prickly angular stems with rows of small leaves towards the top. Plants can grow to 3 metres high. Will grow in sun or shade.
SunPart ShadeFull shadeAttracts insectsBird attracting

African Tulip Tree

A large dark green leafy tree that sometimes struggles when young but is hardy once established.
SunAttracts butterflies, insects, bees

Albany Wax, Smokey Wax

Shrub grows to about 80 cm high and across with dense, soft foliage and massed, white, ageing to pinkish red, wax flowers in spring.
SunPart ShadeAttracts butterflies, insects, bees

Albany Woolly Bush

Fast growing, upright shrub or tree with fine, dense, hairy, silver-green foliage. Makes a good hedge.
SunPart Shade

Alexander Palm

Fast-growing at first with a straight, grey trunk and green sheath/fronds. Flower clusters are produced each year on mature plants.
SunPart ShadeBird attracting