Our wastewater system

We supply over 2 million people with clean drinking water – and we take away almost 450 million litres of wastewater a day.

Wastewater is 99.9% water and mostly comes from kitchen sinks, showers and washing machines. Once treated, it can be recycled for reuse or returned to the natural water cycle.

The collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater is important in protecting your health and our environment.

Our goal is to recycle 30% of wastewater by 2030.

How we manage your wastewater

After you've used your water, it enters one of the 16, 693 kilometres of wastewater pipes which we maintain and operate. It is then pumped to one of our wastewater treatment plants. There are over 100 wastewater treatment plants across WA.

The wastewater then goes through a series of rigorous treatment processes that make the water safe to recycle or return to the environment.

Wastewater system in Perth - how it works

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