Water Corporation has invited community feedback on its recent applications to the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) for the management of brackish water from portable desalination units being installed at Denmark. 

Great Southern Regional Manager Stuart Dyson said last year Denmark experienced its second driest year on record, leading to very low water storage levels at Quickup Dam.

“Water Corporation is taking steps to secure drinking water supplies for this summer including the completion of a new pipeline and installing the portable desalination units,” Mr Dyson said.

Mr Dyson said applications had been lodged with the DER in the event Water Corporation needed to desalinate water from the Denmark River Dam. Brackish water is a by-product of the desalination process and is about half as salty as seawater.

“The feedback is an important element of our commitment to engage with the community,” Mr Dyson said.

“We have submitted two applications – one for a disused storage pond at the Albany Wastewater Treatment Plant, and another for adding the brackish water to the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant.”

“The DER applications are needed to amend the licence conditions for both plants so they can receive brackish water.”

More information on the applications and how to provide feedback is available on the Water Corporation’s website at:


Denmark River, which supplies the Denmark River Dam, often has a higher salt content than other local water sources and may not be fully utilised without desalination.


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