The West Australian stated: “One of Perth’s fastest growing suburbs is at risk of running short of water within years as soaring demand threatens to outstrip increasingly fragile supplies.”


As Ellenbrook is connected to Perth’s Integrated Water Supply Scheme it is not at risk of running short of water.

The West Australian stated: “According to the State owned utility the scheme, which relies on groundwater, was designed to service no more than 1000 properties but instead there were about 11,000 homes.”


The scheme was designed to supply water to all of the properties in Ellenbrook and will be enhanced to meet future growth, through the introduction of the tanks.  This project is an example of Water Corporation’s proactive approach to planning water supply needs for decades to come.

Water Corporation is aware that some of its customers in the Ellenbrook area were alarmed by the article in the West Australian, and it offers reassurance that the suburb has a secure water supply now and in the future.

Ellenbrook does not rely on groundwater for its water supply. It is connected to the Integrated Water Supply Scheme, which sources water from dams, groundwater and climate-independent desalination.


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