• World Water Day is next Sunday, 22 March 2015
• This year’s theme is Water and sustainable development
• Your water use plays a role in the sustainable development of Western Australia’s water supply

Water Corporation has encouraged Western Australian’s to make changes to the way they use water next Sunday, as part of World Water Day.

This year’s theme is Water and sustainable development and how much water you use every day plays an important role in the sustainable future development of Perth.

“Sustainable water use is about using water wisely, and each and every one of us plays an important role,” Water Corporation spokesperson, Clare Lugar said.

“We’re asking people to make a change to help save water on World Water Day – whether it is committing to switch your sprinklers off when we receive rain, taking a shorter shower or reusing water on your garden. Every drop you save is important.”

Over the last decade, the water saving efforts of households, businesses and industrial water users in Perth have helped save about 105 billion litres of water each year. To put that into perspective, that is about the equivalent of the entire capacity of the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant.

Water Corporation’s Groundwater Replenishment Scheme is an example of Water and sustainable development. Groundwater replenishment is the process by which secondary treated wastewater undergoes advanced treatment to produce recycled water. The water is recharged to an aquifer for later use as a drinking water source.

You can read about Water Corporation’s plans to provide a sustainable, secure water supply for Perth in its Water Forever reports at watercorporation.com.au
Water Forever is based on a three pronged approach, which includes working with the community to reduce water use, increasing the amount of water recycled and developing new water sources.

Did you know?
• Construction is under way in Craigie on Australia’s first Groundwater Replenishment Scheme which will initially be able to recharge 14 billion litres of water each year.
• In WA’s drying climate, groundwater replenishment provides a sustainable, rainfall independent water source that has the potential to supply up to 20 per cent of Perth’s future drinking water needs by 2060.
• More than 10 billion litres of water was recycled in Perth in 2013/14 – this includes water use to irrigate McGillivray Oval in Subiaco and recycled water is supplied for industrial use at the Kwinana industrial area.
• Water Corporation has been helping to create waterwise students across Western Australia for 20 years, through its Waterwise Schools Program. There are 340 Waterwise Schools in the Perth metropolitan area.

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