Good habits can start early in life so teaching young people how important it is to save precious water in our drying climate is the focus of Water Corporation as they visit Camboon Primary School this week.

The visit coincides with National Water Week, which is held in October each year and aims to build public awareness and understanding around water issues and opportunities for growth and innovation.    

Water Corporation A/General Manager Customer and Community Group, David Juers , said students at Camboon Primary School would learn about ways they can change their behaviour to conserve our most precious resource.

“It’s vital the next generation are informed about the importance of saving water and National Water Week is the perfect opportunity to highlight this,” Mr Juers  said.

“Visits like this form part of our Waterwise Schools Program – last year our team educated more than 24,800 students through incursions and excursions.

“This is the second year Camboon Primary School has been part of the Waterwise Schools Program and I thank students and teachers for their ongoing efforts to save water.”

 Camboon Primary School’s Waterwise Schools’ program coordinator, Tania Pesce, said water education at their school is embedded across all year levels as part of curriculum.   

 “Water incursions are a great way of reminding the students of the importance of water conservation,” Ms Pesce said.

 “The school is also planning to hold a blue dress up day during National Water Week, with funds raised to be donated to a Water Aid charity.”

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