• Average annual per person water use in Perth lowest for about 70 years
  • Reducing water use forms part of Water Corporation's Water Forever plans
  • Securing water supplies in the drying climate

Average annual per person water use in Perth is the lowest in about 70 years - dropping to 126,000 litres in 2014-15.

Water Minister Mia Davies today thanked residents for their continued water saving efforts.

"Over the past 14 years, average annual per person water use in Perth has dropped by a staggering 34 per cent, to 126,000 litres in 2014-15. This is an outstanding achievement and illustrates the continued commitment by the community to adapt their everyday behaviour to save the precious resource," Ms Davies said.

"In Western Australia we live in one of the driest cities on the driest inhabited continent in the world.

"Over the past decade, water saving efforts in Perth contributed to about 105 billion litres of water saved each year - that's more than the annual total capacity of the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant.

"Water is vital to prosper and our water saving efforts have clearly demonstrated we know the value of every drop."

The Minister said the State Government, through the Water Corporation, worked with households, businesses and industry to reduce their water use.

"Successful initiatives such as the Water Efficiency Management Plan program, Waterwise Schools, Waterwise Office and Waterwise Aquatic Centre programs have all contributed vital savings," she said.

Reducing water use forms an important part of the corporation's Water Forever plans - which takes a three-pronged approach to secure water supplies in the drying climate.

Water Forever focuses on working to reduce water use, increasing the amount of water recycled and developing new water sources.

Fact File

  • Average per person water use is calculated by dividing total water use - including water used by households, business and industry - by population
  • For more information on the Water Forever plans, visit http://www.watercorporation.com.au

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