Busting “the dams must be full by now” myth with our new Dam Cam


As promised in last week’s update our Dam Cam is now live https://www.watercorporation.com.au/water-supply/our-water-sources/dams/dam-cam


Although it feels like it’s rained a lot this winter, and the dams that feed Perth’s water supply must be full, we’ve only had average streamflow.   To prove this we’ve set up a Dam Cam, so you can see for yourself that the dams aren’t full. 


The Integrated Water Supply Scheme delivers water to Perth, parts of the south west, Agricultural and Goldfields regions.  More than two million people are connected to the Scheme who together used an average of 593 million litres of water per day last week.  This is slightly above what we would forecast for this time of year (584 million litres per day).    


Financial year to date water use (34.9 billion litres) is still slightly more than the 34.6 billion litres we had forecasted.  Our Spring advertising campaign will begin this weekend.  The first phase of the campaign focuses on why it’s important to save water before we move into the second phase, which communicates about the various ways to save water.  


The Winter Sprinkler Switch Off is in place between 1 June and 31 August. In total this week our inspectors issued 139 warnings and 51 fines in the metro region.  This is compared to 94 warnings and 33 fines last week.    


As at Wednesday 30 August, a total of 2,757 warnings and 852 fines had been issued for breaching the winter sprinkler switch off.  Over the same period last year, a total of 2,167 warnings and 1,103 fines were issued.  So warnings are up while the number of fines issued is down.  This is mainly due to a substantial increase in the number of people contacting us to report seeing sprinklers running.


There has again been some reasonable rainfall earlier this week, which brings the annual total since 1 January to 683.2mm. While it may feel like it’s been a wetter than normal year, this is only just over the average (678mm) for the same period.


Perth’s dam storage levels increased from 41.2% to 41.8% (0.6 percentage points) over the last seven days.  Our dams received about 3.5 billion litres of inflow from streams this week, which brings the total to 64 billion litres since 1 May 2017.  The post-1975 average for annual streamflow is 189 billion litres.   The average for the last five years is about 50 billion litres.

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