Water Corporation will carry out smoke testing in the wastewater system in Kununurra as part of work to improve protection from storm water intrusion during the wet season.

The testing will take place from Tuesday, 19 December to Friday, 22 December and involves putting liquid white smoke into the wastewater system through access chambers (manholes). The smoke will travel through pipes and if it escapes, will show where storm water can get in to the system.

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager, Rino Trolio, said the testing may result in smoke coming through property gutters and external air vents, but there was no cause for alarm.

“We appreciate the understanding of the community while we carry out these important smoke tests,” Mr Trolio said.

“This testing is something we are experienced at doing, and I reassure residents the smoke is completely harmless to health.

“If you have any concerns during the smoke tests please call us on 13 13 75.”

If residents suspect smoke is coming from an actual fire they should always call the Fire Brigade on 000.

Mr Trolio said during heavy rainfall events the wastewater system in Kununurra could become inundated with storm water.

“Residents can help protect their homes from the impacts of storm water inundating the wastewater system by ensuring their overflow relief gully clear is of obstructions,” Mr Trolio said.

“An overflow relief gully is a drain-like fitting located outside the home, often near the bathroom or laundry area, that protects the house from internal flooding should a sewer blockage occur.


Often people inadvertently cover overflow relief gullies with landscaping, garden beds or other objects such as pot plants. The loose plastic grate fitted on top must be able to pop off easily, draining wastewater quickly away from your home without causing damage.”

For more information about how to maintain your overflow relief gully, visit watercorporation.com.au/

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